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Chapter 1-Create a Free Website In A Few Minutes With Blogspot

Create a Free Website In A Few Minutes With Blogspot

Friends,Here I will teach you how to create blogspot site, set up and setting up in your Blogspot (Blogger). Many people said that coding is compulsory to learn web development or some of them said that website development is much difficult and requires expensive Laptops, PCs, and other gadgets to learn web designing or web development in blogspot site.
I said you don’t need to learn any coding skill, computer language.
Yes! Webs Development is easy with blogspot site. Here I will go deep to learn you how to create your own website or a blog in a few minutes with no coding skills and no expenditure required in blogspot site.I would like to inform you you about some system requirements. Some of these requirements you must have in your mind and hand as well. Only 3 Requirements you must have;
  1. Only one single PC/Laptop or Mobile (prefferd PC/LAPTOP).
  2. Time to learn web development (About 1 hour per day).
  3. Concentration is most important During Article reading.

Let’s Started!

  1. First of all Open your BROWSER (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc)
  2. Type BLOGGER.COM in your Browser Search Baar
  3. Open link in your browser.
  4. Now login or sign up to your blogger/Blogspot account by using your Gmail id (Gmail Account)
Now click on Create New Blog (Blog here mean to create a website for free)
As above pop-up will be appear on your screen. Here you have to set a TITLE and ADDRESS of your website.
  1. I will set Jobee Site as my website NAME and as my website’s ADDRESS.
  2. After successfully selecting website name and address you have to pice a THEME of your own choice and then Click CREATE BLOG.
After selecting Theme you just need to click on the CREATE BLOG button. (Note; We are now a team. We have to learn learn and walk together in this course if you want to earn money with blogspot).
This theme is just a normal theme. I will use a responsive free and SEO friendly theme during this course, Just follow me!
Congrats! you have created your free WEBSITE and this is your website’s control panel or admin panel from where you can control, write, edit your posts and settings.That’s all for NOW! If you have any questions/queries about today’s practice than please comment down, I will try to give answer of your question as soon as possible.
NOTE; My target to teach you this course (Blogging) for free within 3-Months (12 weeks), therefore, we do not need to run fast, Just follow me and do the things that will do on this website/blog for free. I assure you that you will definitely able to create your own blogs/websites.

Our Website is just like this!

Type your website’s address (My website’s address is in the browser and check how your website is looking. Here my website is looking like this below.
Congrats you have created a website for free

There is no FEE and this course is absolutely FREE of cost. All you have to visit to get access to this course for free.

You should join this course to enhance blogging skills. Learning this skill will enable you to earn money online without any investment in different ways

No, I am not offering video tutorials at this stage, But InshaAllah you will get video lectures soon when ready.

You can ask your question at any time in comment box or use our official email address for contact us.

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